About Us
A team of musicians led by Deepender Deepak Sharma spreading the love of music. We organize Stage Shows, Ghazal Evenings, customized family get-togethers and bhajan sandhyas. Are you planning to organize a great event for your family and friends in an all customized way with Ghazals, Tappas, Thumri, old hit songs from Golden Era and Bhajans? Do reach out to us. :)

This is who we are

We are a creative team, you'll see.
Deepender Deepak Sharma

Deepender Datt Sharma "Deepak" Singer and Music Composer

A versatile singer, music composer and instructor teaching students worldwide through online and in-person classes. Disciple of Ustad Naseer Ahmed Khan Sahib, he belongs to Delhi Gharana. He is an avid reader and has given multiple lectures on meditation by music. Having a great grasp at classical, semi-classical and light music, he is great at performing in multiple genre of music.
Yukti Sharma

Yukti Sharma Organizer

With a rich experience of organizing live events for past 15 years, you find her all around at the event. A graduate in vocal music, she is equally good at singing. She laid the foundation of Devashram School of Music in 1984 which has provided thousands of students with Degree and Diploma courses in music. She handles all the PR activities too.
Anubhav Sharma

Anubhav Sharma Singer and Musician

An engineer by profession, he is a singer and adept at playing multiple music instruments like Tabla, Guitar and Keyboard. He manages the technicalities of sound and music arrangement. He has been teaching music at DSM for more than past 10 years.

This is what we stand for

We look to spread the art of music all around us for we believe that this is the divine art which leads us to God.
Spread music all around

Spread music all around

Meditation by Music

Meditation by Music

Music Therapy

Music Therapy